Each 100 gm contains: Flumequine 10 gm.


Flumequine is an anti-infective for the synthesis of quinolone, Which has a broader spectrum of activity than the parent compounds and are well distributed to tissues. They are bactericidal by inhibiting microbial DNA gyrase and are active against a wide range of Gram-negative bacteria, including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and klebsiella sp. ,and also against some Gram-positive micro-organisms and Mycoplasma spp. They are not active against obligate anaerobes. Flumequine is not particularly effective against streptococcal and enterococcal infections. For this reason, they tend to spare the normal gut flora of animals under treatment.

There is concern about the increasing resistance of certain bacteria to flumequine. These include some zoonotic organisms such as Salmonella spp., campylobacter spp. And E. coll. The resistance is often due to chromosomal mutations either in the Gyr A gene or in proteins in the bacterial cell membrane, which allow the drug to enter the bacterial cell. Resistance within a population of bacteria becomes evident whenever antibacterial drugs are heavily used due to selection pressure.


It is used for treatment of:

-Digestive intentions caused by Escherichia coli and Salmonella sp.


-Respiratory infections caused by Pasteurella multocida and haemolytica Manheimia.


Calves (Pre-ruminating).


Route of administration:

Orally via drinking water

For whole product:

3 gm Actflume / 50 kg b. wt in drinking water . morning and evening for 5 days.



-The use of quinolones should be based on susceptibility testing whenever possible and take into accent official and local policies on antibiotic use


-Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to quinolones.

– Do not combine with trimethoprim or sulfonamides.


Meat and offal: 2 days.


Store at temperature not exceeding 30c, in dry place.

Use after opening for 28 days when storage at temperature not exceeding 30c in dry place and use immediately after reconstitution


Produced by:

D B K for pharmaceutical industries (D B K pharma) for Lavie pharma.

Sale agent: Trooper pharma